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Who We Are

 Staying connected is a very important part of any relationship.

Learning to take off those extra hats and remembering to be mindful in the moment is what's important. Here at Lasting Connections, we want to

help you do just that. Communication, Date Nights,

Connection and Romance is our main priority.

Our mission is to show the world that healthy relationships do exist.

We offer coaching sessions, event planning for two, officiant services and customized gifts. Lasting Connections caters to helping people keep

the connection alive in their relationships.

In times of conflict or challenges, the relationship coach is there to guide the way towards resolution and growth, providing gentle nudges towards empathy, forgiveness, and compromise. It is a process that instills hope and encouragement, empowering individuals and couples to overcome obstacles and deepen their bond.

  We will provide a creative experience for any special occasion. Romantic Expressions not only plans the evening, but we also customize gifts for any occasion. Wedding Nights, honeymoons, anniversaries, birthdays

or just a romantic evening for two are a few of the many reasons to enlist Romantic Expressions. We are here for one evening, one gift or to keep your calendar for a year.


  Let us help you create.

Tailored Connections, Tailored Evenings,

 Tailored Gifts and Tailored Romance!

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